Twirlip version 0.2.0 using the Pointrel Data Repository System (Pointrel20130202)

The Pointrel System can be seen as a dynamic Content Management System (CMS) and can support user-extensible data types and client-side JavaScript applications to process that data. A first aspiration for this system is to support small workgroups collaborating on some project using an archive, where the archive could potentially be replicated among participants in a git-like DVCS way. A second aspiration is eventually making possible federating those workgroup archives as desired into global-scale knowledge repositories. As a brief conceptual overview, this version of the Pointrel system supports five broad services on the server side.

The client side in JavaScript defines interfaces to communicate with those services using AJAX techniques by passing JSON messages. A few demonstration mini-applications are included mostly for testing and bootstrapping purposes in the "bootstrap" directory. These include an editor (using ace) which can store new versions of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript resource files and also publish them to a web-server-accessible area of the site.

Together, these services provide the infrastructure of what might be thought of as an open-ended wiki-like system. One thing that differentiates this from a convential text-based wiki is the inclusion of tools to support client-side JavaScript applications that process user-contributed data in dynamic ways. It is hoped that a community of interested individuals will use these tools to expand a system for public intelligence and civic sensemaking named "Twirlip". The Twirlip collaboration will hopefully be a co-evolution of knowledge, tools, processes, and human learning to support creating and maintaining secure healthy communities, such as talked about by Doug Engelbart" in regards to Dynamic Knowledge Repositories, Open Hyperdocument Systems, Bootstrapping, and Augment, and also as represented by Dee Hock's Chaordic Commons.

Below are some initial links to use in bootstrapping the Twirlip application on top of the Pointrel system.

Manually-maintained index of interesting content on the site (editable)
Versions of Index

Sample pages related to Twirlip:
Login page
Chat -- implemented using a Variable
Chat -- implemented using an Index
Concept map about Catton vs. Simon
Newer (bootstrapped) Editor
Simple test editor
Viewer example
Resource image example to view
Resource image example to download
Simple test uploader
Versioned JavaScript code editor
Journal (low level)
All Variables
All Indexes
All Journals
All Resources (may take a long time to load or timeout if many)

For testing the system's basic functionality:
Test of adding and getting a resource
Test of creating, setting, updating, and deleting a variable
Test of publishing a resource to a local static website under pointrel-www
Ace editor test
Test of knockoutjs GUI binding library

Shorter list of bootstrapping apps Note that the referenced documents will not exist here unless you have added the sample data.